Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things to Consider Before You Go For a Dog Training Career

While a lot of people will become dog training careers because it's something that a lot of people do, there are others who actually do it because they love dogs and feel that this is a career that they want to pursue.

Are you one of those people that go for a dog training career because they heard someone saying that it's a good career, or are you someone that actually loves dogs and wants to be around them more?

Basic principles to follow

Loving dogs isn't the only motivation you should have to pursue dog training; you will also need the skills and knowledge to discipline dogs, to handle them and to understand what motivates their behavior. In most cases, people that become dog trainers have previous experience with dogs, and an understanding on how they usually handle pets.

What is your "canine division"?

If you want a career that revolves around dogs, there are two options at your disposal: dog training or pet service training. They're both highly looked after jobs, but a pet dog training career can bring you more opportunities.

Pet training is usually done on pet dogs, just like the name suggests. Its purpose is to help dogs become better companions for humans, both at house and in outdoor activities. Basic training includes agility training, obedience training, potty training and even training to prevent the dog from biting or barking.

If we're talking about service training, you should know that it's made specifically to prepare a dog for helping someone that has a disability or is going through some form of therapy. Other service dogs are trained to sniff bombs, drugs or to chase criminals, hunt or rescue people.

This type of training is very intensive, and the trainer needs to be well prepared in teaching the dog how to do his functions.

Canine psychology understanding

What do you want to know about a dog? How they behave, think or how they react to outside stimulus? What training actually does is making a dog modify his behavior, so they respond in certain ways. Associative conditioning is one of the fundamentals of dog training, so you should know this as well.

What about dog training education?

Like any other career, canine training needs you to have some basic skills, in this case in the area of handling and dog training. But, this isn't a career that you can learn at a university or college, so a degree is out of the question. There are schools however, and some academies, which you can go to in order to learn dog training. In most cases though, dog trainers have a natural inclination for their job.

While some have a natural feeling on how to train dogs, other have been apprentices with great dog trainers. And if you want some extra information, you should contact a dog training organization, which can offer it to you.

Comparison of working attitude with people and canines

When you train dogs you also have to teach the dog handlers how to use them. Besides training dogs, if you plan to make a career out of it, you will also need to have some people skills, to teach the handlers.

Some dog owners don't have the patience to wait for their dogs to learn, expecting for it to be a fast and simple process. You need to be able to deal with this type of dog owners, and to let them know how the process works. That's why you need people skills as well, not just experience with dogs.


Besides the normal aspects of training, other things you need to know are nutrition, canine hygiene and grooming.

Other fields of interest include accessories, competitions and training ads. You should also learn about the differences between dog breeds, as each one behaves differently.

You can be a great trainer without being a guru. You only need a number of skills that will teach you how to handle canines.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dog Training Leads And How To Start Dog Training Products Business?

What you need to Consider?

For most dogs, there is a need for dog training leads especially younger dogs. There are two major things that need to be considered when you get dog training leads for your dogs. The very first thing to consider when buying training leads is the size of the dog that you have.

Dogs grow quickly so you might try to anticipate the actually size of your dog when it matures when you think of buying a dog training lead. If the puppy is still too small for a large sized training lead, get an ordinary leash for the puppy until it grows enough to be trained.

The best use Of dog training Leads

Many people ask why we need dog training leads. Actually, these are a safety precaution on top of the fact that it trains our dogs to stay close to us.

It is a safety precaution for times when the dog is still not well trained enough and might lunge after people or other animals. Leads for dog training keep dogs in check and keep you away from any liabilities if you are vigilant.

You can also make money with products

You can can you make money selling dog training Products, if you run it as a business!. If you are a stay at home parent, that does not mean that you cannot earn income to contribute to the family coffers.

There is a lot of stay at home parents that are actually earning full time income working in the comforts of their homes. If you are a dog lover, one of the best ways for you to earn income while staying at home with the kids is to sell dog training products online.

Are Dog training products are some of the most salable items?

Sure it is. These products are some of the most salable items online so you have a fair chance of earning money. Moreover, selling dog training products online does not really need a huge start-up capital on your part.

You do not really have to keep an inventory of dog training products if you are selling them online. As long as you have access to these products, you can already put these things up for sale on your website.

How to start dog training products business online?

You have to think before you start building your website. You need to find the right dog training products to sell online.

You need to do some research on the different dog training products available in the market. Study each product carefully and make sure that these products are really what they claim to be. Once you are sure which products you want to sell online, find a good supplier who can provide you with these products anytime you need them.

How to drive Traffic To You Site?

Having a good website is not really a guarantee that you will be able to sell some dog training products. Note that there are thousands of other websites out there that are selling dog training products so you need to work hard to attract customers and beat your competitors.

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