Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dog Training Collars For Your Dog

If you think that it is high time that you train your dog, you are absolutely right. The earlier you train your beloved mutt, the better. Dog training is absolutely essential if you want to establish a good foundation of obedience in your dog, which is useful if you want your dog to behave and interact properly in the presence of other people.

Take heed, though, amount and variety of dog training equipment that you can use for your pet can boggle your mind. There are clickers, harnesses, handler and trainer vests, whips and sticks, not to mention dog training DVDs and dog training books, among others. But if you want to do it yourself and take it slow, the first thing you might consider getting is a dog-training collar.

Dog training collars, also called remote trainers and electronic dog collars, are very useful for administering corrections to your dog from a safe distance. However, having sophisticated equipment like a training collar will make training easier for both you and your dog, and will successfully generate results faster.

An electronic collar functions by giving your dog a mild form of electrical stimulation every time he needs to be corrected. It consists of two parts: a receiver and a remote control transmitter. The receiver is attached to the dog collar, and receives the transmission generated by the remote control transmitter which can be felt by the dog. The stimulation is gentle enough not to hurt your pet, just enough to let him know who’s boss. The dog trainer, or you, can control the stimulation from a distance using the handheld transmitter.

Electronic dog collars have been modified over the years to accommodate almost every size of dog and virtually every type of dog temperament. Collars used for small dogs or puppies usually give off a lower frequency compared to those for larger dogs. Electronic dog collars have adjustable levels of stimulation that you can vary according to the size and temperament of your pooch. If you have multiple dogs there are also electronic collar systems that allow you to control your dogs at one time.

Some dog owners might say that using dog collars are inhumane.

However, bear in mind that the stimulation is only good for giving your dog a mild, electrical pinch, and you can adjust the stimulation according to the size of your dog. Often, only electronic dog collars will work for large, unruly dogs. If you want to keep yourself safe while you give your new dog the kind of training it needs, you won’t go wrong with an electronic dog collar. But, it is up to you if you want to use this kind of dog training tool on your dog.

If you already have an electronic dog collar, keep in mind that you should only use stimulation when necessary, and that is when your dog is exhibiting unruly and disobedient behavior. Using the stimulator each and every time you train your dog without the need for corrections can soon create a high level of tolerance in your dog, and may render the device useless in the long run. Use the stimulation only as a form of correction and NEVER as a form of punishment.



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