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Have You Made These 3 Common Dog Training Blunders?

Dogs as animals do not naturally listen to human beings for direction. Yes I understand that a dog is a mans best friend but there are limits. That's because dogs are animals and we must understand that.

Repetition is the foundation to habits. Whatever habits we have good or bad we learned by doing it over and over again. The same learning curve applies towards dogs.

Some of us learn habits quickly and some of us learn habits not so quickly. With dogs the same learning curve applies. It may seem like I'm comparing dog learning to human being learning but it's just an analogy.

If you want to learn 3 of the more common mistakes that a lot of people make in teaching their dog good habits then you need to read the rest of this article.

Once you identify with these common mistakes then I know you won't make them again. It's simple to fix but you first have to know what the problem is.

That's what this article is all about and what it can do for you. You will be enlightened on these mistakes and also there will be a link to a free report to understand more about training dogs.

So teaching a dog new tricks really depends on the temperament of the dog. Some dog breeds are more adaptable to training than others are.

Why is that? You can call it anything you want but that is the face of reality. The learning curve of training dogs is dependent upon their breeds, their background, disposition and how they were treated before you got them into your household.

Some of the mistakes that I will be talking about you probably are not even aware of them. By the end of this article you will know what to do in particular cases.
When you first get your dog, or first start training your dog you definitely need to set some ground rules before total disobedience occurs.

Whether or not your the first owner of the dog you need to set ground rules right from the beginning for your dog. Whether or not you want to get into full fledged training you need to let your dog know what it can and cannot do.

Mistake #1. Shouting at a dog is counter productive to what you want it to do. Shouting at a dog is an act of defiance and aggression. Dogs being animals are able to pick up on intonations and shouting is not a good habit for you to use.

Yes dogs are not perfect and there feels like there's a legitimate reason to shout at a dog. But truthfully you do not want to make the dog understand and obey you only when you yell. Otherwise you will have to yell to get your dog to obey you.

You want your dog to understand and comply with your orders at a normal tone of voice. You can be strong with a normal tone voice just as you can with a shouting tone of voice. This can be done with work of patience on your side.

Mistake #2. Training your dog too long and too hard. Keep the training attention span limited to 15 minutes. Especially if you have a high spirited dog 15 minutes can seem like an eternity. But for low strung dogs 15 minutes is like a nap time. It takes a lot of patience on the dogs part and the handlers part to train and keeping the training periods to 15 minutes are just about right. You or the dog won't get flustered as much if you keep your training periods to a manageable time.

Mistake #3. Not enough praise. You need to give your dog enough praise when they do something right so they can do it again and feel good about it.

How difficult it is for a dog to obey you? Very tough for an animal to follow through with your instructions. When they do as their told then make your dog feel like a million dollars. Make sure you have goodies handy for them in cases like this.

If you work your dog enough, they will expect to get these treats when they do something good. Your dog will want to please you all the time.

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