Friday, July 8, 2011

Make Dog Training More Fun With Dog Training Games

While dog training courses and dog obedience schools may be ideal for some dog owners, they are not for everybody. dog training classes are typically only available in large cities or community colleges putting them out of the reach of millions of dog owners not residing in a major metropolitan area. Dog training classes also tend to be expensive; an additional expense many of us cannot justify in today's tough economic climate.

There are, however, simpler alternatives for those looking to train their dogs in the comfort of their own homes. An easy, cheap and effective way of training your pet at home is by using dog obedience games. Dog obedience games have been shown to be extremely effective in resolving many dog behavioral problems, and best of all it does so without having to punish the dog or using hard leash or collar methods.

While many are skeptical at first, it should be pointed out that children and infants learn best through the use of learning games; many parents have first-hand experience of this. The same applies for young dogs and puppies. Here are two reasons why the use of obedience games should be an integral part of your dog training regimen at home:

1. A young dog is much more easily trained than an older dog. Although their young minds soak up information like a sponge, puppies tend to be restless and unfocused. We've all been exasperated by our pet's wandering attention while we try in vain to teach it something new. Frustrating as it may seem, it is not fair to blame the dog, since their natural tendency is to be curious is explore its surroundings. The trick to grabbing all this unfocused energy and putting it to good use is to engage the dog in a little game. As you play dog obedience games with your pet, you'll find that it not only learns new things, but it is also too engaged having fun with you to pee on the rug or chew the sofa.

2. Have you ever attended a dog training class with your pet? If you have you'll see that the endless repetition training of 'sit', 'stay', and 'come' is draining both you and your dog. While training your dogs through such repetition techniques can be effective, they can get exceedingly dull for all involved. A bored dog will not stick around, it will run off to find something more interesting to do than listen to you blather on about staying and fetching. When you use dog obedience games as an alternative form of dog training you will notice that the animal is more engaged and actually interested in what you are trying to teach it. What's more, you yourself will be having fun!

There are many dog training methods out there. Integrating fun doggy games with teaching techniques can be an effective way to train your pet. Not only is your dog more engaged, you get to spend quality time with it as you teach it new commands and habits. Check the local library or bookstore for books with more information on dog obedience training games. You can even check pet owner forums online to learn about the games and techniques used by other dog owners.



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