Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Basics Of Dog Training, Teach Them To Your Dog Before It's Too Late

Quite a few people think that dog training is high jumps, through tunnels, up and down a tilting board, but in reality there's so much more to it than that.

All dog training must begin with the basic fundamentals, before a dog can go on to bigger and better things, he must be taught the basic dog training techniques, like sit, lie down and stay. Naturally the first thing any house puppy should be taught is to be housebroken, whether to paper or to the out doors is your option.

The fancy tricks should be kept until afterwards, much later, down the road. To teach your dog these dog training tips and basic techniques are a lot more crucial than jumping through blazing hoops or walking on the hind legs carrying a parasol!

Remember that when you are training your dog is like going to school all over again. Training your dog is all about communicating with your pet, therefore to be effective when training him you need to learn how to best communicate with your dog. There are many so called, dog trainers out there and many different dog training methods, but you need to be careful when choosing the method you are going to use. You want a method that focus on positive reinforcement for your dog and not on punishment or negative reinforcement.

Training a dog is not only directed toward puppies, it also has a role on adult dog training, and a very important one. When adopting an adult dog, new owners have not idea of the dog behavioral history, and when they realized that their dog has more than one behavioral problem, they need to consider training their dog. Many dog owners think that because their dog is older than he won’t learn, but reality is that he probably will, it might just take a little longer.

Dogs and humans were made to share with each other, humans and dogs alike eat meat, hunt, play and live in social groups, (remember that dogs were primitively wolves, which have a very strong pack mindset).

Both not only desire but have a great call for leadership in their structured societies. Wolves never had to deal with (until recently) the terrors that our dogs deal with on a day-after-day basis, like cars, motor cycles, etc. This is when the basic training of stay could very well save your dog's life if he is across the road in the park and a car is barreling toward him.

Wild dogs appear to be really savage while teaching their young, while in fact they're extremely diligent, rarely loosing their tempers as they teach their young to make it in the wild.

Each thing they're instructed, whether through play or teaching, leads to their ability to hunt and uprise in their surroundings. We want to train our dogs in the same manner; it's never acceptable to be violent while training your dog, violence and anger from your part will only teaches violence and anger to your dog.

In retrospect, love and patience teaches love and patience, these are both things we desire our dogs to learn. Training is the foundation for a dog that everyone enjoys being close to, and it helps you develop a happy and healthy dog.

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