Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Choker Chain Dog Training

Choker Chain Dog Training has received some bad press in the past. This is because people simply do not know how to use a Choker Chain correctly. Using a Choker is NOT as some say, cruel.

In fact it is the opposite. A Choker or Check Chain puts even pressure all the way around your Dogs neck, unlike a conventional Collar and Lead arrangement where al pressure is put on the Windpipe of your Dog when pulled.

Choker Chain Dog Training Made Easy

There are a few important things to know when using a Check Chain for Dog Training.

Ensure you have the right Chain for your Dog. Large Dogs need heavyweight Chains and smaller Dogs need very lightweight Chains
Never keep the Chain pulled tight so your Dog is constantly short of breath
Never use too much force, Chokers can be dangerous if you use excessive force
If in doubt seek expert Training advice

A few simple points but everyone would do well to bear them in mind. Chokers are a great way to keep more control over your Dog when used effectively. They will quickly stop your Dog from pulling on the Leash and in a very short space of time your Dog should be walking to heel beside you without needed to be constantly reminded.

Choker Chain Dog Training Techniques

Once learnt, the techniques to safely use a Choker are incredibly easily. Below are the basic methods involved.

Ensure your Choker Chain is SHORT! This gives you much more control. You want minimal length so your Dog cannot put its weight behind it if it tries to pull
When your Dog begins to pull, give a quick "snap" of the Chain whilst simultaneously pulling back to your side
You will also be giving the "heel" command at the same time
These actions must be done simultaneously (this is important)
Repeat each time your Dog starts to pull
The snap should be quick. Less than a few seconds
Praise your Dog when it performs how you want it to
Praise goes a long way in training your Dog to behave well
Repeat and keep repeating

Training a Dog will never happen overnight. It takes time and patience. You MUST stay calm when involved in Dog Training. There is no magic formula. Repetition is the key to success.

A Choker will dramatically cut the time taken to a wel "heeled" Dog but you must practice and practice again.

Hopefully these tips will see you with a wel behaved Dog in a much shorter space of time. As with all Dog training if you are in any doubt about performing tasks correctly seek out advice from a qualified Trainer.

By: Dave Tee

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