Sunday, May 3, 2009

8 Dog Training Secrets Revealed

Dog training has evolved so much that it's become extremely easy to forget the basics. Below you'll find 8 tips to help you get much better results when training your dog.

#1. Change the Way Your Train Your Dog

Mix up when and where you train your dog. Try spending 15 minutes with your dog in the morning instead of 15 at night. A change of scenery always keeps things interesting for you and your dog and you will get better results.

#2. Stay Positive!

Always make sure you are up-beat and positive when training your dog. Your dog will feed off this positive energy and will be more willing to learn new things he will learn faster too!. Make sure you always practice using positive reinforcement to drill good behaviors into your dog.

#3. Master a Select Few Exercises

The best way to learn is by mastering a few select exercises at a time. Once one exercise is performed perfectly by your dog, move on to learning another one. Make sure your dog can perform the command well even in a room full of distractions.

#4. Communicate through Body Language

Use body language to communicate more clearly with your dog. Ideally, spoken commands and body language should go hand in hand. Whether you use them together or individually, make sure you use body language.

#5. Learn to Read Your Dogs Facial Expressions

Your dog's facial expressions and body positions can let you know how he's feeling. A stiff body and a closed mouth may mean your dogs tense, a relaxed body with an open mouth most likely means your dog is happy.

#6. Be ConsistentAlways!

When training your dog, consistency would have to be one of the most important habits of all. Make things as easy as you can for your dog use short commands and limit each trick/order to having just one command.

#7. Teaching Good Behavior instead of Punishing Bad Behavior...

Where possible, always train your dog to dog the right thing instead of punishing him for doing the wrong thing. This is an approach that is seldom used but can be very effective.

#8. Learn How to Teach Your Dog From an Expert Dog Trainer

If in doubt, get yourself a copy of a respected dog training guide. Following a guide when training your dog is not only fun but it also means you'll get the best out of your dog and eliminate bad behaviors before they start.

By practicing these tips you will get better training results. Sometimes it's the simple things that make all the difference. To get more top quality dog training information, visit the website links listed below.

By: Jared Mattheson

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