Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Dont's Of Training Your Dog

The dogs behavior is truly adapted to the needs of humans. The dog is unquestioning and reliable in both giving and receiving affection. The most important thing we must remember as the master is to be the one to dominate and not to be dominated. If your dog is submissive to you he will give respect and affection and will learn with the proper training to respond to your commands.

There are a few guidelines that we must follow to have a healthy relationship with our dogs.

1. Don't let the dog sit on the furniture or your lap. In doing so we show the dog that he is the dominant one. The higher he is, the more dominant he thinks he is.

2. Don't feed your dog scraps of food from the table. Don't give him food that you have eaten. In the wild, only the subordinate dogs share their food. Feeding your dog human food also starts the bad habit of begging. There is nothing worse than eating your meal and having your dog begging beside you.

3. Don't let your dog sleep on the bed with you. If you do, it will think that it can dominate you. Once again, in the wild only subordinate dogs share their beds.

4. If you feed your dog at the same time that you eat, make sure you eat first. This act shows the dog that you are the dominate one in the relationship not him.

5. Always make your dog move out of the way for you. Never step over the dog to get where you are going. Make the dog move.

6. Don't allow your dog to barge through a doorway before you. Stop and turn to your dog and tell him to BACK UP. When he does, open the door and allow him out.

7. Don't allow your dog to jump up on you. No one likes a dog that is constantly jumping up scratching your legs. Dogs have a need to get in your face. Lift your knee so that when he jumps he will come in contact with your knee and not your chest. Tell him DOWN and continue that until the behavior you are looking for begins.

8. Don't ever hit your dog. The best way to correct your pet is to catch him in the act and shake him firmly by the scruff of the neck. Most pups will stop what they are doing once they are startled. Shaking the scruff of the neck is what their mothers do to discipline so this is a natural way for you to achieve your goals.

9. If you come upon an accident that has already occurred, count it your mistake! Take your pup to his crate so that he does not see you cleaning up the mess.

Having a dog as a pet can be a very rewarding experience not only for you but for your family as well. Having the proper training insures that the dog will have a lasting place in your family. Think of your dog as a member of a pack. He must be the subordinate member not you.


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