Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Best Dog Training Books

Why is it that my neighbor can't seem to figure out that when he locked his untrained payout and goes off to work all day that the dog does nothing to bark, bark and bark. What an idiot, a neighbor I mean, not that the dog. I don't plan a little puppy, how is he supposed to know better? He barks out of loneliness, out of frustration, out of anxiety, and out of fear. Occasionally he barks to protect his territory, pitiful as it is with its leftover poop, a water bowl turned over, and a single ratty chew toy the dog outgrew the first week it was brought to the house. I wonder if this moron has ever heard of dog-training books? I know I'm about ready to clue him in.

When your fat freak of a self gets home, you enter your house—to the barking—and take your sweet time (to eat) before retrieving your supposedly beloved pet. Then you take the were animal off and sequester it into some room or he is once again all alone. Instead of paying an idiot and doing the dog a great disservice you could be reading one of the many EASY-to-comprehend dog-training books, and teach that beautiful little animal how to cope with daily life.

He is after all just a baby. You could be surfing or or another of the hundreds of Internet bookshops for dog-training books. They number in the thousands. That will show you how to condition your dog not to bark at every living being and every leaf that happens to fall from a tree. No, you fat ignoramus, is not a place to find amazons to amuse you, and is not a play on words for closet masochists. This is about the dog, not you. If it were we would be talking to the dog—who clearly has a great deal more sense than you apparently do.

In fact, you could read at least one of the thousands of general and specific dog-training books to understand WHY your poor little puppy needs to be treated. HOW you can keep him from chewing furniture (so you don’t have an excuse anymore for why you lock him away outside so he won’t bother you but the neighbors instead). We need to get up and go to work too. The constant barking doesn't do anyone any good. If you can't handle owning a dog then maybe you should find a more hospitable home for it.

We chose to be dog-less. You have made a choice…now take some damned responsibility for it. By some dog-training books and read them, put them into action. You may even be well served by some damned human-training books. The problem lies with you, not the dog.

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Anonymous said...

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