Friday, July 3, 2009

How To Use Dog Training Treats To Make Him Learn

There are a number of methods that you can use to do dog training. Some ways need for the dog's owner to be able to use harmful treatments, while other methods ask for their patience and commitment. If you want to train a dog in the safest and most reasonable way, you should use treats, just like the professionals say you should.

You can use the treats to give him either punishments or rewards, so that he can learn his lesson. If he follows the command correctly or he behaves like he should, you can give him a treat, so he knows that he did the right thing. If he doesn't follow the command or doesn't behave like he should, you can refuse him the treat, and that would be the punishment. Keep using punishments and rewards until he learns to do the right thing so he can get his treat.


There are a number of uses that dog treats can be used for:

• Teach the dog to do what he is ordered, so he can get his treat.
• Encourage him to be obedient to you, to have an active attitude and to be interested in the treat he will get if he behaves as he should.
• Besides giving him treats, you can also praise him when he does well, which makes the training process easier.
• It can be a representation of the fact that he pleased you with his actions.
• Dog treats will work usually for dogs, even if praising doesn't do much.

When to offer them treats

If you want to use dog training treats, you should give it to them right after he executes a command correctly or behaves the way he should be. Treats and praises should be automatically connected to the way he behaves. Giving him too many treats can make him dependent on getting them.

Treats should be used only during the initial training phase, when he is learning. If he's not training, you shouldn't give him the same treats that he receives when he learns.

If you're looking to make him learn a command like "down", the treat you're giving him should be put on his nose, and brought down, as well as telling him the "down" command at the same time.

If he executes the command as he should, you can reward him with the treat, and also encourage him with words or with a pat. Keep doing the same thing until he knows when he gets the treat and what he needs to do in order to receive it.

In time, as he learns more, you can use patting and praising instead of dog treats. In training, the goal is to teach him to do as you order him. You can still give him dog treats from time to time, but it would be better to keep them hidden, since he should follow orders even if you don't have a treat with you.


There are dog training treats that are simple, just like cookies, which you can use to reward the dog. You can even use treats that help his digestion, boost his health or cleans the dog's teeth.

Buying dog treats

You can buy the dog treats from groceries, food stores, pet shops, specialty stores or even online. The price of dog treats can vary, from $5 to $30. Since their prices can be considerable, you can also find discounts, if you buy in bulk.

Another option would be to prepare it yourself, at home, using books or recipes found online.



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