Friday, October 24, 2008

Dog Obedience Training - 7 Things You Need To Know

To be able to conduct your own dog obedience training , you must know a few things. These are essential to the success of your dog training . Without these, the training may not be as effective as it could be. Ask any expert dog trainer and they will probably agree with this list.

1.How To Use Positive Reinforcement

You must know when it is time to reward your dog , and when not to. Dog obedience training requires that your dog is being rewarded for doing the right things.

2.What To Do When Your Dog Is Unhappy

Dogs can get angry at times. You do not want this is interfere with the training . It is important to know how to calm or cheer up your dog .

3. How To Control Your Dog

You own the dog, not the other way around. Many dog owners forget this and just give in whenever their dog is disobedient. Do not let his happen. This will keep your dog obedient.

4. When To Correct Your Dog

Sometimes a dog just needs to be a dog. Other times they need to be corrected or punished. There is a certain way to correct your dog while retaining its trust.

5. When To Begin Training

Sometimes it just is not the right time to start dog training. You must know when both you and your dog are ready to go. Dog obedience training cannot be initiated whenever the owner feels like it.

6.When To Give Your Dog A Break

Do not push your dog too hard. It will tire out and may doing what it is told. This will hinder any sort of training. Your dog will not be obedient if it does not even have the energy to do so.

7. How To Praise Your Dog

You need to know how to make your dog feel good about itself. Just like with positive reinforcement, dog obedience training requires that you praise your dog when it deserves praise.



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