Friday, October 31, 2008

What You Must Know About Boxer Dog Training

Boxer dogs are very intelligent, admirable and loyal home pets. Most people are attracted towards this breed because they are just admirable and also like them because they are intelligent and prefer having the boxer dog as their home pet dog due to their loyal nature. Boxer dog training does however require a lot of effort and attention from your part when compared to other dogs. You can start boxer dog training programs when they reach around 13 weeks old. This dog breed also learns faster compared to other dogs.

You should know that boxer dogs get bored quite fast and so you should prepare some arrangements wherein your boxer dogs is engaged the entire day. The best solution to this is to provide toys to your boxer when training them. The boxer dog would keep playing with the toys for the entire day. You can give different colours and types of toys so that he would have an option to play with the other if one toy is again boring.

You should also find some time so that you stay and play around with your boxer dog. Make sure that you do not let go the unique abilities of your dog but should encourage the dog and also help the dog to improve their abilities during the boxer dog training. If you spare some time with your boxer dog they would not feel left alone, won't get bored and they will realize that there is someone in the house to love and care for them. This would make him happy and your boxer dog will soon start learning different obedience and other skills that you teach him. You can also give your boxer dog some special training like you can train him to search for hidden things.

Apart from this you should also make sure that your boxer dog is given a proper diet when training them. Make sure that your boxer dog does not eat any food that might affect their health or make them temporary sick. You should rather opt for some special boxer dog foods which are easily available in the market as they would help in improving the strength of your boxer dog and also increase their intelligence. You should remember to always provide fresh food to your boxer dog in order to keep them healthy. Additionally you should also make sure that you wash the food utensil of the dog every time you feed them.

You should also take your boxer for a walk at least once a day. Taking your boxer dog out for a walk is really important as it helps them come across other people in the society and be obedient. The boxer dog being an intelligent breed it would soon find out any harmful or wrong happenings in the surrounding and soon protect themselves resulting in effective boxer dog training. Apart from this there are also other training methods you can use or can also send your boxer dog to special dog training programs to make an intelligent and strong pet companion.

By: Jason Rusch

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