Sunday, October 26, 2008

Online Dog Training

If you don't have access to a dog training school or a trainer, then online dog training will teach you what you need to know about training your dog. You can enrol in dog training classes online and learn all the techniques and secrets of the professional dog trainers. There are several different types of dog training obedience training, behavior training and activity dog training.

With just 20 minutes a day, you can learn to train your dog with the methods from an online school. You can incorporate what you learn into the dog's regular routine. In this eight week course, the dog learns through fun and games how to do what you want it to do. Some of the things you will learn how to do include:

- How to get your dog to look at you

- To sit and stay on command

- To come when you call

- To use its nose to find objects

- To fetch and retrieve

- To change its biting and chewing behaviors

In addition to the things you learn about how to train your dog, in an online course you will also learn about innate dog behavior. This will help you understand why your dog acts as it does. You will also learn the value of using positive reinforcement and rewards to condition the dog and how to deal with behavior problems. For example, a trick you will learn about keeping the dog off the furniture is to cover it with a blanket of adhesive tape. Then his fur will stick to the tape and he won't be so quick to jump up on the couch

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