Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions

There is a difference between dog obedience training and dog behavior training.

With obedience training it is mainly used to train your dog to respond to commands and so on.

Behavior problems deals with chewing, jumping, growling and digging problems you may have with your dog.

It is important to correct behavior problems so you can enjoy a healthy relationship with your dog.

In many cases dogs can also be competitive and unfriendly with other dogs because they feel the other dog is invading their territory or a threat to the owner.

Some dogs may have a chewing problem that can be due to curiosity, dental problems, anxiety or boredom. Same goes for digging problems, where your dog can be destroying your garden and grass.

Dogs naturally do not know right from wrong, that is why it is important for you to train your dog with lots of patience and love. There is no need for roughness when training your dog, there are actually really easy tips you can follow to solve your dogs behavior problems.

You can learn how to stop dog behavior problems by using one of the many useful dog training guides you can buy online. These guides are cheaper compared to getting a professional dog trainer and even better are written by professional dog trainers.

So if you want to stop your dogs behavior problems then you will need to invest some time in reading and learning about your dogs problem and the solution that is provided in dog training guides.

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