Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dog Training with Electronic Collars

First, let's be clear what we mean by an "electronic collar." We are NOT talking about dog collars that deliver shocks to a dog. Those collars are not only cruel, but just about totally ineffective as well. No. The electronic dog training collar that is being discussed here features a little box that gives off loud and unpleasant sounds and is attached to the dog's collar. It is operated by a remote control box, which the pet owner carries in his hands while he is training his dog. There is no pain inflicted.

Electronic collars will not do the dog training for you. An electronic dog collar provides negative correction in the same way that a trainer might say "NO" when a dog doesn't obey a command.

Successful dog training consists of two parts. There is negative correction for wrong behavior, and there is positive reward for right behavior. You can't use one without the other if you want to successfully train a dog. Basically, a dog wants to please you. He wants to obey your command if he can figure out what action on his part is wanted when you say a word in a language that he doesn't speak.

Using electronic collars for training your dog is a choice that only you and your dog can make. If the dog does not respond well to your voice commands, then by all means invest in a good electronic training collar (NOT the kind that delivers shocks to the dog) and use it. If, on the other hand, your dog responds well to your verbal corrections, you just don't need an electronic dog training collar. Just remember than no piece of equipment can train your dog. Your dog's training is in your hands.

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