Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dog Training Equipment For A Happy Obedient Dog

Training a dog is fun and also necessary. It is important to create a good relationship between you and your dog. Training should be enjoyable for both of you. There are several reasons to train your pet.

Firstly, your dog needs to know that you are the boss and he has to do what you say. A dog will always try to get away with bad behaviour, but if you are firm, he will learn.

Secondly, it is important to teach your dog proper social skills such as, not jumping up on strangers, chasing cats or marking their territory indoors.

It is much easier to train a young puppy but and very possible to train an older dog too. One handy item is a whistle. You can get normal whistles and ones only audible to dogs. Noise-sensitive breeds, such as Border Collies, will find these useful.

You can get a normal whistle for about five dollars. A two tone whistle for teaching other skills and tricks may cost about ten to twenty dollars.

You can get balls and dumbbells for a couple of dollars each to teach your dog how to retrieve on land or in the water. Another good piece of dog training equipment is a retractable leash. This is useful for keeping your dog close or allowing him to have more freedom. It is also useful to show controlled socialization between puppies and young dogs.

You can buy something called a ‘pet corrector’ from a pet store, which is a pressurized canister filled with air. When your dog is misbehaving, simply press the button to blow out air with a hissing sound. Animals hate that sound because it suggests that a dangerous snake, insect or bird is nearby. This is a great method of controlling excessive barking or bad behavior. Note, you have to be careful not to overuse a pet corrector as it might upset your dog. Dogs tend to associate bad sounds and noises with doing something that displeases a owner.

You can easily find and purchase Dog training equipment from pet stores, a veterinarian or a dog store online. If you browse the internet, there are a number of websites offering various dog training products, most of which are under ten dollars.

All dog training equipment should be kept clean at all times. Leashes can usually be washed in soapy water to get rid of accumulated mud and dirt. A whistle must be kept clean because it goes in your mouth. Balls and rubber dumbbells must also be washed and rinsed off afterwards.

You might want to put your dog in a show at some point. Then a decent set of dog training equipment is a must. To win a show, a dog must be well groomed and demonstrate perfect obedience at all times.

Although investing in a decent set of dog training equipment has its advantages, still, the most important thing when it comes to training your dog is the way in which you teach them.

Be firm and clear. Confusing instructions will never yield great results. Praise him or reward him after doing something right. Dogs are highly intelligent creatures and can learn very quickly if taught in the proper manner.

A well trained dog will ultimately yield you many wonderful moments of joy, love and stronger relationships.



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