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Dog Training: Would Your Dog Listen If You Punish Him?

Always use praise instead of punishment with dog training. Dogs respond best to positive dog training rather than negative. With all of this in mind you should be able to teach your dog the 3 basis commands such as sit - stay - fetch. There are many different dog training techniques that are out there today. Many people often don't realize that dog training courses often utilize different dog training techniques. Unfortunately one part of dog training that is not gone over very well in dog training classes is chewing.

Reprimanding your dog should not happen often as dogs respond better to positive reinforcement used in dog training. A dog that has been properly trained won't take a nip at other dogs or pedestrians when you are out for walks. Your frustration can cause you to want to force the issue and end up taking two steps backward with your progress. See

The dog may run back and forth and bark. The owner may think this is annoying or anxious behavior on the part of the dog and that training is the answer. There are several things to keep in mind before starting any dog obedience training. You need to understand that dogs have an attention span of no more than ten to fifteen minutes. A well socialized bred and adjusted puppy or dog will feel no need to act aggressively. A dog that acts this way demonstrates that there is a problem with the dog's relationship to humans. " To let your dog up from sitting give him a release command such as "free" or "break.

When these feelings are all mixed up their only known protection for themselves is to bite because they cannot understand the situation logically. Therefore people should know that in order to avoid such circumstances. So-- How do you work with a "high functioning" abused dog? And how do you teach your dog to relax and enjoy life? Dogs bark because we humans want our dogs to bark. For years our domestication process and selective breeding has allowed our dogs to develop their barking abilities. The sit command: This is usually the first command new owners teach their dog.

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