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How Valuable Is Dog Agility Training For Your Dog

Having an active dog is quite stressful. Even though your dog have undergone a good obedience training, it is much better to dog in to something and train them further to make your dog really intellectual so to speak. Dog agility training, is something that you might want to try for your dog.

Dog agility training is the sport directing your dog to go through some choreographed obstacle course while getting the best time being the most accurate. Dogs who participate in dog agility training learns how to run over these obstacles even without getting treats from their trainer. They do not get stuffs as an incentive for a job well done. The signals used in a dog agility training are only limited to a few body signals and selected voice commands. This is quite a challenging sport to both the dog and the dog trainer as it requires dedication and commitment to make this training a successful one.

There are various types of obstacles that your pet would undergo in the whole course of the training. Among these includes, teeter totters, jumps and poles that they would run in between. There are also several dog agility courses used in preparation for an agility competition. The presiding judge is the one who will select the course that they will utilize on that particular day of competition. The trainers and the dogs are being watched carefully by the judges while they conquer the obstacles and they are being marked on their performance in each category. Agility competitions are made fair by grouping the dogs according to size and breed.

You will know if this kind of sport is challenging for you and your dog when both of you enjoys outdoor activities. A dog can be a good candidate for agility training when he is quite active and a little bit aggressive. Also make sure that your dog is happy with what she is doing. Before you put your dog into dog agility training, make sure that your dog has the potential of taking directions well. If not, then your dog might not do well. This kind of dog training demands a high level of discipline and the pet must be trainable for the training to be successful. Do not force your dog into something that they are not capable of, otherwise they will just rebel and may turn destructive for pushing them into something that they are not comfortable with.

Dog agility training is truly challenging and somewhat very appealing. It is a fun new sport that both you and your dog could get involved in. It is recommended that you start dog agility training as soon as your dog displays interest in following challenging commands. Other than having good benefits and fulfillment in indulging to active sports like this one, you will also have the benefit of having a close bond of friendship between you and your dog which you will definitely treasure even if the training have already ended.

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