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An Insecure Dog -- Training Your Dog To Be More Assertive!

There are a lot of people who have pets and all these people have different problems ranging from their pet always barking at people when they pass by to being as quiet as a mouse and for any reason. The funniest and least funny of all these problems is when your dog won’t seem to want to sleep somewhere else besides your bed and oddly enough your side of the bed on top of that. There can be many solutions to all these types of problems and they will not always work for every person but this article is for the purpose of taking the time to address this quite irritating issue. Thinking about it this can be caused by many different issues such as insecurity to a dominance problem. It is your job as a dog owner to be able to tell the difference between the two. For example, if it were a dominance problem you would see other signs besides the sleeping on the bed issue. You might see aggressiveness or constant barking but as it may seem these two signs usually go hand in hand with a scared dog. Also if you were dealing with a insecurity problem than you might notice that your dog is always scared and has his tail down constantly. It might help him to sleep in your bed as security or simply because it makes him feel safer than sleeping alone. This problem is a lot more common than people think.

The best way to deal with the aggressive problem is to stop it dead in its tracks. Dog usually are aggressive because they think that they are being threatened by whatever they are barking at. This is usually caused by you the owner because the reason for this is that he thinks he is the leader in your household. He has been given enough power and leeway to feel as though you should be following him so any attempts to silence him will go on deaf ears so to speak. The best way to silence this kind of issue is to show him that you mean business and that you are the leader in this household and not him.

There are a lot of animals that in the wild before they were domesticated ran in a pack mentality. This means that in a pack mentality there is only one leader and it is usually the one who is the strongest in the pack. He relates this mentality to the home and sees that he is stronger than you. With that in mind you need to take back that leadership role and show him that you are the leader. This is the quickest way to silence your dog and to have some kind of confidence that he wont one day turn violent whether it be towards you or to someone else outside.

When we talk next time I want to address the second part of this article which will apply to dogs that suffer from insecurity issues.

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