Thursday, December 4, 2008

Clicker Training - For Positive Dog Training

Looking for an easy, fun way to train your dog? Clicker training is the answer. Clicker training uses a small device, that when pressed makes a clicking sound. This click signifies to the dog, job well done. The click is usually followed up immediately with a treat.

The clicker training method doesn't use punishment, or violence to teach the dog obedience. Clicker Training is a totally positive experience for the dog. The click provides the dog with confidence that he or she is performing the required task correctly, and the follow-up treat rewards him or her to encourage that required behavior.

Clicker Training can be used to train almost any command you can think. For example, to teach a dog to sit, you might move the treat over her head, and her head will move up forcing her butt down. When her butt hits the floor, you can click and treat. Repeat the process several times adding the "Sit" command. The dog has now been trained to sit, using the clicker training method. This is a very basic example, but this method can be applied to any aspect of the dogs training. Many experts agree clicker training is the most gentle, safest way to train a dog.

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