Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to Understand Your Dog's Behavior

Dog training will give many benefits for everyone. Dog training will make the dog be better behavior and more close to you. The benefit is you can easily to control your dog action and your dog will more familiar with your friends and family.

To begin the training, you must understand the standard behavior of your dog. Many dogs just like about two things, there are food and play. Most dogs are "Pack animals", little similar to wolves. They almost consider that everyone in your house as a part of their pack. Many dogs mostly don't want to be a leader, but if no one of they clan take the leader, they will be assume liability to be the leader.

To successful to be a dog trainer, you must be a leader of this pack to be successful dog training and have a better living with your dog and your family. You also need to be firm and consistent while train your dog or you will become pack leader again. You also have to make the "Chain of Command" that very important to behave your dog.

You should know that its illegal to strike a dog, so if you are so frustrated while training your dog, you should never to hit your dog. It's useless, because your dog can feel your frustration and be nervous then looses his concentration to your training.

So, the key in dog training is your Consistency. You must keep focus and not to deviate the task of your training. You also must repeat your train again and again, so your dog will remember your train. Don't give up when your dog is hard to remember your train, but you must continue train them until they remember, and sometimes they will remember your train, you will be satisfied with your effort.

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