Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dog Training Problems - Sending Your Dog The Wrong Message

The number are staggering. Each year thousands of dogs are simply abandoned because their owners easily gave up on them. The reason for this phenomenon is simple. Some pet owners simply can’t teach or control their pets. They blame “bad pet behavior” as their reason for taking their pets to the pound or worse, just dropping them of on some strange street. Sadly, these dogs are often euthanized in the pound because of over population.

It seems miscommunication plays a vital role in the increasing number of deaths in dogs cause by behavioral problems. Since it is easier to teach a dog a wrong behavior, most dog owners tend to accomplish this feat. They usually impose punishment improperly and do not make an effort to correct the wrong behavior of their pets. Sadly, proper training and positive reinforcement can address this kind of problem.

The most effective way of teaching a dog proper behavior is knowing how to correct their wrong behavior. There are two ways to correct the wrong behavior of your dog, a positive way and a negative way. Spanking, kicking or yelling at your dog to correct his wrong behavior will most likely only lead to more negative behavior. Spanking a dog when he enters an area in which he is not allowed will relay a wrong message that you do not want him to go there if you are not watching. In addition, when you rub the dog's nose on its feces he will think that you want him to eat his own feces. This kind of behavior is called coprophagia.

In contrast, when you are able to correct the negative behavior of your dog, you may give him positive commands like sit, lie down or stay. If the dog ignores you, walk away from him for a minute or two then come back again. When he obeys, you give him positive reinforcement such as good rub or a treat. Positive reinforcement of good behavior works.

Exercise is a vital component of dog training. In fact, dogs that are not exercised regularly tend to find ways, usually destructive, to release their energy. The common reason for the lack of exercise is that most owners find it difficult to control their dogs during walks. The result is less frequent walks and more behavioral problems.

Teaching your dog the basic obedience training is not a difficult task; it merely requires patience and constant practice. However, the price of the hard work is long years of enjoyment. If you think you cannot teach your dog the basic obedience training, there are available training class programs for owners. After all, usually it’s the owner, not the pet, which needs the training.

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