Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Three Tips to Effective Dog Training

Dog training can be a difficult process, especially is you aren't entirely sure of the right techniques. Learning how to train a dog is possible for anyone though. To make it easier to train a dog, it is important to follow these three easy steps.

1. Make sure your dog or puppy isn't tired

A tired dog will be more easily distracted, lethargic and less likely to be able to take in what you are trying to teach. It is much more likely that you will become frustrated with a tired dog or puppy as their attention span will be even less than usual. Save yourself the stress and only train a refreshed and well rested dog

2. Make sure the dog is hungry

If you are training with treats, it is vital that your dog hasn't just eaten. A hungry dog is going to be much more excited about a treat, so don't train your dog or puppy right after feeding. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should starve your dog before you train, but it certainly helps if the dog is hungry.

3. Make sure you and the dog are in the right frame of mind

If you are stressed or irritated the dog will pick up on that, and the training won't be as productive as it should be. Make sure you and the dog are both relaxed, and set aside a certain time of the time that is solely for training so that you both get used to the routine.

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