Friday, December 12, 2008

Dog Training Behaviour

Welcome to my site on Dog Training Behaviour, the easiest way i have found to teach my dog good behaviour and simple commands is the clicker training method. This dog training behaviour method is a positive reinforcement training that is, rewarding the behaviour that we approve of instead of punishing behaviour that we don't approve of. When your dog does what you want it to do, you click and give your dog a treat.


In dog training behaviour, the benefit of the clicker is that it makes a consistent sound, the good thing about this is that you can make the clicking sound at the very moment your dog is caring out the behaviour you like you can then reward your dog with a small treat for doing well. The dog will soon learn to associate the good behaviour with the clicking sound and a forthcoming treat.


You must always treat after a click, even if you have clicked by accident. Your dog must have absolute faith in the click means treat routine.
You should only click once, Do not get over excited when your dog does gret things and click, click, click this will take the consistency out of the click and treat routine. And confuse your dog.
Try to keep your training session short and sweet, around five minutes would be sufficient. Training behaviour sessions should be fun for both you and your dog. Fun for your dog because you will be rewarding all good behaviour with treats, and fun for you because it will be far easier than you ever imagined to train your dog.

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