Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dog Training - Dog Training Basics

Are you looking for some "Dog training for dummy" information? You will find it here!
It is very rare for people to have dog that is born obedient with good manners. Dogs are like kids
they need proper care and training to mold your dog into a obedient pet.

Always make dog training as fun as possible for you and your dog - that is the number one rule
for "Dog training for dummy". Always stick to one lesson at a time because dogs are not able to do multi-tasks.
Repeat dog training lessons until it completely solved your dog's behavior problems. When your dog successfully completes your command
reward him with food. Food is very important in dog training. We must give to your dog something they want when they do something we want.
But what do dogs want? The list is so huge, there are basic requirements such as water and food. Then there are thing like social contact, attention, toys, exercise and other things.

So why do food is so important in dog training?

1. All dogs need to eat because food is necessary for survival and dogs are willing to work hard for food.

2. Most dogs loves to eat!

3. Some food is particularly tasty to dogs.

4. Food is convenient for dog trainer because small food peaces will fit in your pocket or bag.

5. You need to feed your dog anyway, so we might get something in return.

6. Food gives positive associations with training.

You just need to find food which will be tasty to your dog.

Choosing the right food for dog training is so important. Read Here to know what to choose.

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