Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Leash Training a Dog

Dog leash training will only work with reputation and practice.

If you are training a puppy it can be easier to leash train but if you are training an adult dog you can still successfully teach your dog to walk properly with leash.

Most importantly, make sure you dog is used to wearing a collar or dog harness as this is where the leash is attached to.

At first, you will want to use the leash around the house, where your dog is comfortable. Walk your dog around the house with the leash until it is comfortable and does not bite the leash.

When you are ready to take your dog out for a walk, if it tries to pull on the leash then firmly say No! And if it continues then stop walking and have your dog sit. Do this repetitively. When you dog does behave well make sure you give him treats and appraisals.

There is no need for any roughness in leash training or any kind of training. Remember that going out for walks should be fun for both you and your dog.

Even if your dog pulls on the leash several times, you must remain firm and let your dog know that it is not going anywhere if it does not walk by your side.

With time your dog will understand this, because tugging on the leash in uncomfortable for the dog as well. Also, make sure you practice daily so your dog gets use to walking with a leash.

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