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Dog Training Tips - Your Inner Dog Is A Good Dog

Dog Training Tips - Your Inner Dog Is a Good Dog

Dog training tips flow freely when your dogs misbehave. But how much of that unsolicited dog training advice is good advice?

Meanwhile your dog may actually be driving you bonkers with barking excessively, jumping up, biting, whining, not listening. Relax. You usually CAN do something about it. Often not through using the free dog training tips so lavishly bestowed on you in the park though!

Of course prevention is half the cure and careful selection of your dog before you get him is essential. Does the type of dog fit your circumstances? After all, different breeds are bred for certain tasks, be it hunting, herding, guarding, killing or chasing.

But you've not bought a pup, with the first main task often dog house training? You've bought an older dog WITH behavioral issues? Still relax. Help may be at hand.

Just as with raising children it pays you to know a bit about how to do this, and why. You can get someone in for some basic dog training but that can set you back anything between $300 and $2,000.

Really, there is no free dog training like your own. Quality time! If you and your dog want to enjoy life together then why not work on this as a team right from the word go.

Oops! Did I say "go"”. "Sit"... and read on.

Dog training is not a top-down affair. Your dog assesses you for what's "good" or "bad". If you're not sure or inconsistent then you'll both pay for that. So, robust dog training tips address owner training too.

So, just for a taste, here are some basic dog training tips.

* Train your dog in different settings for the same commands. If she obeys a certain command in the home context she may not in the park.

* Don't allow pups to jump up, chase and bite trouser cuffs because it's so much fun. Later they won't know why its bad to chew on your foot!

* Use exactly the same short command words for the desired behavior every time! Then "sit" will means "sit", not "stop" or "stay"! You may believe your dog is an Einstein but he too believed in elegant simplicity.

* Dog jumping up? Knocking over grandma? Put your open hand in front of its nose every time or use your knee if a larger dog (I take no responsibility in case of the possible loss of your knee). Then look it in the eye, say "sit" and sit it down physically if it does not obey.

* And, a tired dog is a good dog. Exercise!

Your simple and consistent approach will pay off.

All this is commonsense but you need a good set of guidelines. You can join dog training classes, getting a dog trainer to come to you, or read dog training books. Because it takes more than a few dog training tips to practically love your dog through good training.

Always check out trainers with good personal references. And there are some good books out there to do it yourself.

Yes, some dogs drive you bonkers but never forget that the reverse applies too. All dog training tips should include the advice that dog training is not just for the dog! Hmmm...

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