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Dog Training: Ten Tips For Educating Your Dog Before The Arrival Of The New Baby

It is a proven thing that parents to be are too often overwhelm with the arrival of their new baby, that they forget about taking care of their dog. From the dog stand, there is a new human in the house that's making lots of new, unfamiliar noises. From the parents stand point, the dog comes last now because they have to take care of their baby, which is understandable. That's why it's extremely important that the future parents take time prior to the baby's arrival to train their dog on how to behave with and around the new baby.

Below are 10 valuable tips that every dog owner that is expecting a new child want to know. These suggestions will assist in the introduction of the dog to the brand-new baby to be smooth and trouble free, diminishing the related stress that this situation can carry.

1. Make certain that your dog is up to day with all his vaccinations and that he's in good health by taking him to the veterinarian before the arrival of the baby.

2. Ask the vet for any tips that he could give you regarding what would be the best method to introduce the dog to the baby.

3. If your dog hasn't been neutered or spayed, you could seriously consider doing so.

4. If your dog has behavioral issues, it would comprise a good idea to begin a dog training program or take the dog to a dog trainer to address those issues. It's better to attend of these behavioral issues earlier on, particularly prior to the baby's arrival.

5. If your dog is used to to climb on people it's in your most beneficial interest to stop this behavior immediately. You'll need to train your dog to stop jumping on people, this will preclude the dog to climb on the baby in the near future.

6. Clip your dogs nails.

7. If your dog has the bad habit of nipping on people you want to train your dog to break off from this behavior.

8. If you have friends or household members that have kids, ask them over and observe how they dog interacts with these children.

9. Train your dog to become acquainted the children toys by positioning a few baby toys on the floor, and train the dog to leave the toys alone. Make certain you don't use these same toys for the baby in the future.

10. Get an audio tape with baby's noise and play it for your dog therefore it will help your dog to become familiar with the sounds.

These tips might appear really simple, but if the parents to be, take them seriously and take the time to train their dog prior to the baby's arrival, they will be glad they did because having a well trained dog around the new baby will make a huge difference between been relaxed when the dog is around the baby or been stressed out.

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