Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three Mistakes In Dog Training

There is a lot of tackle when a person wants to train a dog, and multiples modes to do this. Virtual, any training dog plan is developing on the positive outcome system - the reward. But, there is a few errors to avoid: inconsistency, impatience and treating your dog like an object.


When training a dog you have to follow in the same time both the creativity (you don't want to have a bored dog) and consistency. The dogs reply positive to reward (food, caress, praise). In fact, their ability to understand the cause and effect is the basis of their training. Soon they start to associate good deeds and submission with substantial reward.


Impatience may arise a big dose of frustration. Usually focus on the immediately outcomes and the supposition of certain deed will be followed by immediate outcome, lead to failure. From this cause, training a dog is a long process and demands a lot patience from trainer. Another trainer's mistake is to break off the positive rewards. Give him at home the same rewards as on the training field.

The dog? A training object?

Training a dog suppose involving two participants: the dog and the owner's dog. Usually the dog trainers is focusing on techniques, equipment and strategies without paying enough attention to theirs training partners: the dogs. When a dog trainer is considering the dog just a simple object to train, they forget what make an dog unique: relation dog/master.

That's way, the training become a hard work, and not an enjoyable one, becoming a stressing task for both dog and trainer. When is being avoided this three mistakes in training dogs, a training program is becoming efficient and create outcomes fast. Plus the training is becoming a really enjoyable activity for all involved.

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