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“Dog Whisperer” Exposes His Top 3 Dog Training Secrets That Will Teach Your Troublesome Pooch That You’re The Boss!

Want to know the secrets of a top dog trainer who has the power to turn your disobedient, reactive, misbehaving pet into the “best-friend” you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are our top 3 tips simple tips that will make a world of difference to your relationship with your pesky pouch.

Tip # 1 Put Your Pouch on a “Leadership” Programme

Put simply, your dog needs to know that you’re in charge. Dogs are pack animals, and like all pack animals they require that someone is in charge. While your dog would prefer that you took the lead role, if they decide that you’re not up to the task, then they’ll take on the job!

If your dog currently thinks that he’s the leader of your family’s pack, then you need to implement a leadership programme in which you re-assert yourself as the Top Dog! This doesn’t mean being unkind or unloving to your dog – it simply means understanding your dog’s psyche and behaving in a way that reassures your dog of your ability to take charge.

Some simple ways to demonstrate your dominance include: eating your meals first; ensuring that your dog waits at the door for you to walk through first; don’t walk around your dog if he’s sitting in your way (give him a gentle nudge and he’ll move); and determine when your dog gets your attention (ignore your dog when he demands your attention as he’s simply demonstrating that he’s in charge of you).

For more detail on how you can show your dog that you’re the boss, visit:

Tip # 2: Consistency Is the Key To Success

When it comes to training dogs, most people fail to consistently reinforce positive behaviour and punish bad behaviour. Without consistency, your dog will be confused and over time lose respect for your commands. If you fail to follow through on your expectations, the dog will determine when it suits him to respond.

If you’ve been consistent with your expectations, then in time your dog’s responses to your commands will become pre-programmed and eventually anticipated. This will ensure that your dog will behave in a predictable manner time and again. A dog who clearly understands the boundaries of his behaviour and the consequences of his mis-behaviour is a much happier dog who will be a delightful member of your family.

For more details on basic dog obedience training, visit:

Tip #3: It’s Much Easier To Train A Puppy Than To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

As soon as your new puppy is welcomed home you should get started on your Leadership Programme, and consistently implement it until your puppy is automatically programmed to behave in precisely the manner that is worthy of a “best friend”!

The more quality time you dedicate to your puppy up front, the fewer on-going headaches you will encounter for the life of your dog.

Reinforcing positive behaviour is the simple most effective training tool available to dog owners, however from time to time you will also need to reprimand your dog for inappropriate behaviour (a clear, firm “BAH” or “NO” will do the trick – there’s no need to resort to shouting or hitting).

For more details on getting an early start on your canine’s leadership programme, go to:

If you follow these top 3 techniques used by leading dog trainers, both you and your dog will enjoy a much happier and enjoyable relationship.

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